Voters cast early ballots to avoid crowds on Election Day

Published: Mar. 16, 2020 at 11:03 PM CDT
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Despite coronavirus concerns, the Illinois primary election is still a go Tuesday but many people headed out to the polls Monday to cast their ballot early to avoid long lines and crowds at polling places.

The Rockford Board of Elections Office took several precautionary measures like making voters line up outside of the building and sanitizing pens and voting booths after each person uses them.

Officials say there was a steady flow of people for early voting however, they believe Election Day votes will see a significant dip in numbers.

“You have to go with what you think is best for you. We are taking every measure that we possibly can in the polling place to try to make things as safe for everyone as possible,” said executive director of the Rockford Board of Elections Stacey Bixby.

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