Volunteers building Jenny Biplane

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POPLAR GROVE, Ill. (WIFR) - Nine retired aviation experts are combining new parts with old blueprints to rebuild history.

The volunteers are spending their free time at the Vintage Wings and Wheels Restoration hangar at the Poplar Grove Airport as they try to build a fully functional "Jenny" biplane from scratch.

The 1916 Curtiss JN4D biplane was used to train World War One pilots. After the war, the Curtis Jenny was used by mail carriers and barnstormers.

"The Curtis Jenny is a three-year project. 6,000 volunteer hours to get that built. And so it should fly in the next three years. And we'll take off right here at poplar grove"

A youth program at vintage wings and wheels is currently rebuilding the Aeronca Chief, a plane locally owned that has been completely restored by students with adult mentors. The Aeronca chief should BE in the air in the next year or two.