Veteran raising money for Harvey victims

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Retired Air Force Sargeant Jason Lawver is partnering with Peak Fitness to raise funds and supplies for hurricane victims in the Baytown, Texas school district.

The NIU grad and disabled veteran says there's a desperate need in that district for school-age supplies and technology destroyed by the storm. Lawver tells us his goal is to raise $3,500 in cash and 2,500 lbs in supplies that he will personally deliver to the Texas school district over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"I just talked to my friend the other day who I served with and he said that you don't see it on the news anymore because it's been so long. But the recovery period is going to go for the next months years and rebuilding. I believe three schools in the Baytown Area itself has been closed down due to so much mold and flood damage," says Lawver.

Some of the unused supplies Lawver is looking for include paper, pencils pens, notebooks, calculators and cleaning supplies. You are asked to bring the supplies to the Peak Fitness locations on East State Street or Perryville Road.