Valentine's Day 2020 to be Rockford's Coldest on Record

Temperatures have fallen below zero throughout the Stateline for the first time since March of 2019, but that's not all. Before the night is done, we'll have seen the area's coldest temperatures since the all-time record of -31° last January 31! Lastly, the -10° forecast low temperature would rather easily break the record for the coldest Valentine's Day temperature set all the way back in 1916!

Unfortunately, it's not just the air temperature that we need to worry about. Though winds have relaxed some Thursday Evening, there's enough of a breeze to have sent wind chills into the teens and 20s below zero. As we head into the early hours of Friday, though, those values could fall to as low as -25° or even -30° in some of our westernmost communities.

Not only is this brand of cold uncomfortable, it's flat-out dangerous, and could be life-threatening if proper precautions are not taken. Frostbite can occur on exposed skin in as few as 30 minutes, and hypothermia may also set in with prolonged exposure to this kind of cold. Should you or a loved one experience confusion, violent shivering, excessive sleepiness, muscle stiffness, or difficulty speaking, you need to get indoors immediately, and seek medical attention! As potentially life-threatening as this is for humans, pets are similarly susceptible. If you haven't done so already, make sure accommodations are made for your four-legged friends.

The million dollar question on many minds remains whether or not there will be school Friday. While morning delays are most certainly a possibility, especially in our western communities where temperatures and chills will be the coldest, the fact that both temperatures and wind chills will rise quickly during the day leads me to believe cancellations are highly unlikely anywhere in our area.