Upcoming Weekend to Easily be the Nicest of 2020!

It might be hard to believe for some, but we haven't had a weekend without a flake of snow or drop of rain since before Christmas! Our streak of eight straight weekends with rain or snow will come to an end this weekend, which promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Warming commenced Friday on the heels of an increasingly well-organized southwesterly wind. Those winds, along with a full complement of sunshine, allowed us to warm into much more seasonable territory, with high temperatures reaching the mid-30s in most areas.

A massive area of high pressure remains firmly in control of our weather, keeping things remarkably quiet, not just here in the Stateline, not just in the Midwest, but over the vast majority of the United States as a whole! Ironically, the only parts of the country that had cloudy or wet weather Friday were the places you'd least expect to be unsettled, places such as Florida, Arizona, and Southern California!

Sunshine and the aforementioned southwesterly winds will continue to drive temperatures upward Saturday. With temperatures starting off in the 20s Saturday Morning compared to Friday Morning's single digits, we should have little, if any trouble surging into the 40s by midday, and well into the 40s by day's end.

Though more cloudiness is on tap Sunday, at times, sunshine will still be featured for a good portion of the day. With many spots starting off in the 30s Sunday Morning, it's not impossible that a spot or two may reach 50° by the end of the day.

Stateline residents shouldn't let their guard down, though. Winter's far from over, and appears likely to make another appearance next week. A messy weather pattern is set to resume beginning Monday. A wintry mix of rain and snow is possible Monday, with a second system appearing likely to bring snow near or to the Stateline in the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe. Unseasonably cold temperatures in the 20s are likely later in the week.