United Way to open Strong Neighborhood house in Machesney Park

Machesney Park, Ill. (WIFR) The United Way's Strong Neighborhood Home project has seen success in Rockford, and it's now moving into Machesney Park.

There are three Strong Neighborhood Homes in Rockford, The United Way plans to convert a home in the 800 block of Marie Avenue into a Strong House in Machesney Park.

The house is a couple blocks north of Harlem Middle School. The goal is that the new location will help improve relationships in the community between residents and police. The United Way said this home is just the start of new projects.

"We intend to have more meetings with the neighbors," said Paul Logli, Executive Director of the United Way of Rock River Valley. "Some of that will occur before the house is built, but a lot of that will occur after the house is built."

"The neighbors will hopefully start feeling welcome to come to the house and one by one, talking to the officers about what they view to be the strengths in the neighborhood and the challenges in the neighborhood."

Construction on the Strong Neighborhood House is expected to begin next month, with the home scheduled open sometime in July.