United Way of Rock River Valley encourages donations for Stateliners amid COVID-19 struggles

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) ----- As COVID-19 keeps people out of work the need for resources continues to grow, a big donation to United Way of Rock River Valley hopes to encourage Stateliners to look out for their fellow man.


The Kjellstrom Family Foundation pledged $125,000 to the United Way of Rock River Valley’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund on Tuesday and challenges community members to donate as well.

For every dollar, the community donates the foundation will match their contribution.

The goal is to create a sense of community and give back to families who are desperately in need of a little support.

"It will go to programs are dealing with basic necessities, the basic needs of people. We know there are people living pay check to pay check and we know there are people out of work... we know that the government has got a relief package, but we also know that that is not going to cover everything that is essential for that family and those children," said Paul Logli.

If you want to donate you can text the word “Together” to 40403, go online to unitedwayrrv.org, or you can mail a check to the United Way of Rock River Valley.