Two shootings on same street hours apart, Mother, 3-year old daughter recovering

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- There were two shootings on the same street, just hours apart. The youngest victim is only three years old. Tonight, police continue their search for the suspect.

"Usually when they hear the gunshots they already know get down on the ground and get to the lowest part of the house. Stay away from the windows. Get behind anything and anything you can," says neighbor Johnnie Jones.

It's a routine Jones and his family have gotten accustomed to.

“It's just crazy," says Jones.

They are one of the many families living in the neighborhood where a mother and her three year old daughter were shot Monday evening.

“They shot a little bitty girl, it don't make no sense,” says Jones.
Rockford Police say both were shot in the leg in the 600 block of Sunset Avenue in Rockford. A little more than six hours later gunshots rang out a second time on the same street just a few feet away from Andrews Park.

Jimmie Edwards lives near the area. He brings his daughter to the park almost every day.

“When the parks get packed I usually leave because I don’t know who is looking for who,” says Edwards.

Investigators say no one was hurt.

“It’s every other night or every day almost and you just hope that none of those bullets live you and you just keep living life,” says Edward.

As for Jones, he plans on moving out of the area.

“It's getting closer and closer it used to be further out and now it's like a block away from my house,” says Jones.

At this time investigators tell 23 News the 33-year old woman has been treated and released. The toddler remains in stable condition. Police say they continue to look for suspects in both shootings.