Two graduate from drug court in Boone County

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BELVIDERE, Ill. (WIFR) - It's graduation day for some stateliners looking to learning their life around by ending their dependency on drugs.

Two drug court participants took part in the Boone County Adult Drug Court program's fourth graduation ceremony. The Adult Drug Court program is a specialized problem-solving court for non-violent offenders with substance abuse addiction and likelihood to be rehabilitated.

Presiding Judge Rob Tobin says drug courts programs have proven to lower recidivism rates, meaning fewer trips to jail and a savings to taxpayers.

"For the two individuals here, one had to stay in jail until he went into in-patient treatment. He just simply couldn't survive out there. For one of the graduates who's come back, he and I pick our daughters up from aftercare together. He has a daughter there, I've got one there. He would not be there to pick up his daughter because he'd be incarcerated," said Judge Tobin.

Judge Tobin says employers are more open to hiring a drug court graduate because the participants will continue to be drug tested twice a week upon completing the program.