Two Arctic Outbreaks Likely to Threaten Records Over the Next Week

Winter's off to an early start in the Stateline, or so it's seemed over the past few weeks. Each of the past fifteen days has come in with temperatures at or below normal, and three rounds of snowfall have added insult to injury.

November's started off on a remarkably chilly note, with temperatures running nearly 10° below normal in the month's opening five days. For those hopeful of a change to a milder pattern in the days ahead, unfortunately, such a development is not in the cards.

A lobe of Pacific air will pay a brief visit to the Stateline Wednesday, allowing temperatures to briefly rise into the lower or middle 40s, before a powerhouse cold front plows through the area, sending temperatures crashing Wednesday Night. This initial cold surge is to bring the coldest temperatures of the season to date Thursday and Friday, with highs struggling to reach the freezing mark both days.

Another brief shot of milder air returns Saturday, but only temporarily. An even more potent polar outbreak is to follow beginning late Sunday, with a potentially historic brand of November chill due in to open next workweek. Right now, it appears as though a record cold Veteran's Day is on tap, with high temperatures not to reach above 25°. What's more, Tuesday appears, at this point, to be even colder. Our first sub-zero wind chills appear to be a very real possibility at some point during that stretch.

If there's one reason to be thankful, it's that this arctic outbreak is happening in November, not December or January. A similar atmospheric setup during that time would assuredly produce temperatures well below zero.