Remembering fallen officers killed 16 months apart

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Rockford, Ill (WIFR) -- The death of Officer Jacob Keltner many are saying is too close to home remembering the life of fallen officer Jaimie Cox.
"That opened up wounds and hypothetical scars that were healing, you know, who would've thought," said retired law enforcement officer Jenna Pann. "It doesn't matter if that officer wasn't from Rockford, it happened here, they were serving here, they were protecting here, and it just opens it all back up for everybody."
Officer Cox was killed 16 months ago in November of 2017, and Pann was in the procession for the local hero. She says she's in awe of the support community members have shown so far for Deputy Keltner.

"There's nothing like it, you don't want to go through it but it shows you that there’s so much more good than the chaos that we see."

Keltner died serving in the Rockford community, and Rockford police say they will provide whatever means the McHenry county sheriff's department needs during this difficult time.
"We have experience dealing with this kind of tragedy,” said deputy chief from the Rockford Police Department, John Pozzi. “It's an open invitation to them. Whatever they need, they know they can call on us and we will do whatever we can to facilitate their needs."

As for the community, Pann says bringing officers food, saying thank you whenever you see an officer in your community and sending cards to your local precinct helps support officers. But the best thing to do show your support for law enforcement is to be kind and help those around you.

"Make good choices every moment of every day you can do that, that's a big part of it. Nobody can stop you from that."