Trolley Car 36 returns to Rockford this summer

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Last year, the Rockford Park District made the tough decision to stop running Trolley Car 36 as a way to balance its budget.

Community members and businesses, led by Jodi Beach and her husband, supported the trolley car last year and raised $16,000 through a GoFundMe site to keep it going.

This summer, the trolley will again run along the Rock River after a group of companies and sponsors stepped in to fund its operation.

"We're so grateful for the community, the companies that have come forward, and I think it's such a bonus that the trolley rides are free," said Beach. "Not only do we have the trolley, but because of these sponsorships, so many hundreds and even thousands of people are getting to ride."

The trolley will run Fridays this summer, in addition to Food Truck Tuesdays​ at Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens in upcoming weeks.