Towing companies see boom in business due to wintry weather

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Wintry weather can force many of us to slow down, but for towing companies, it means a boom in business.

HAAS Towing says this week they are getting anywhere from 80 to 100 calls a day. They say that's almost double what they get on a normal week.

Drivers say it's a combination of the snow and also cold weather that is increasing their calls.

They say leaving a vehicle out in these temperatures puts you at risk of not being able to start it.

To avoid needing a tow, drivers recommend taking your vehicle to a shop to have it checked before extreme weather hits, or even just regularly having your battery looked at.

"Don't do what everybody else is doing, but just keep your distance with enough room to stop, but keep up with traffic at the same time. Because there's a lot of slower traffic that, a lot of times, is more dangerous than the faster traffic," says tow truck driver Matt Bielski.

Drivers say you should always assume that drivers around you may be losing control. They recommend checking your surroundings before moving forward even at a green light.

If you start to lose control of your vehicle, ease up on the gas and slowly work your breaks; never slam on them. Also make sure to put together an emergency kit with blankets, food and things like ice scrapers and windshield washer fluid.