Topping Off ceremony held for ISC expansion in Loves Park

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LOVES PARK, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Indoor Sports Center expansion at MercyHealth Sportscore Two is the place for a celebration as the construction project hits a milestone.

A topping off ceremony is held as the final beam is placed on top of the 133,000 square foot building. The sports center expansion in Loves Park started a few months ago to add a fully enclosed soccer field and renovations to the existing center. At 420 feet long and 300 feet wide, the ISC expansion is one of the largest sporting complexes in the Midwest.

"The ceiling is about 90 feet high, so you can play any sport or activity. Football, soccer, kick the ball, baseball. As high as you can,“ says Louis Mateus, General Manager of MercyHealth Sportscore Complexes.

Even though the final beam is up, there is still a lot to do before the new expansion is set to open. Construction is nearly 50% completed.