Better Business Bureau warns of pet scams

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- With more than 1.4 million fake websites being created every month, victims of online scams are on the rise.

Cat and Dog, Photo Date: 8/1/06 / Photo: Yukari / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 / (MGN)

Too good to be true deals and websites that pose as real store websites have led to an increase of online scams.

“Scams work because people are sometimes sold a bill of goods that you’re getting something for nothing,” says director Dennis Horton of the Rockford Regional Office Better Business Bureau.

Among the most common online scams are clothing, cosmetics, electronics and pets.

“They’re talked into making that purchase and paying for that pet in advance and you either don’t get the pet or the pet that you get isn’t the kind of pet that you assume, a healthy animal,” says Horton.

Local dog breeder, Cathy of Spoiled Maltese, recommends people to check their sources.

“You want to ask for references because you want to find out if they follow up with the puppies, if they call back in a week or two weeks or in five weeks and if they’re available for questions,” says Cathy.

Also using a website like PupperFinder that allows you to read reviews from previous clients.

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