Tooth Fairy ups giving amounts in the Midwest

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Tooth Fairy gets a bit more generous in the Midwest, according to a poll by Delta Dental of Illinois.

A child's tooth in the Midwest is now worth an average of $3.71, that's a 25% or 74-cent, increase over last year. In 2019, the Tooth Fairy only averaged $2.97 for kids in our region. But, this year's average is still behind three years ago, when the Tooth Fairy forked over $4.04 per tooth.

Midwest children lag behind those in the northeast, where the Tooth Fairy gives out $4.35 per chomper. The western part of the U.S. sees $3.97 per tooth and the southeast averages $4.01 for each one.