Police urge stateliners to prepare for burglary season

Man arrested for occupied burglary on Panama City Beach. (MGN)
Man arrested for occupied burglary on Panama City Beach. (MGN)(WJHG)
Published: Nov. 4, 2019 at 6:07 PM CST
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Tis the season to be burglarized, according to police who say they see a peak in burglaries during the winter months.

"If you leave an inside light on your more likely to have people steer clear," said Emma Johnson, Loves Park Resident.

"Don't post where you are going during the holiday seasons. Even if you trust your friends, there are always hackers that will that you’re on a trip and use that as an opportunity,” said Melissa Doe, Rochelle Resident.

"Invest in security system such as a camera or video surveillance equipment,” said Rockford Police sergeant Marc Posley.

Posley says during November and December last year 153 burglaries were reported.

"Burglaries are pretty solid throughout the whole year. But just between those months they really increase," Posley said.

Posley says many winter burglaries happen because people travel and leave their homes looking empty.

"Keep curtains closed and make sure your mail and your papers don't pile up outside," Posley said.

" Maybe have a friend or family member come over just to get your mail during the day and make sure everything’s okay," Johnson said.

It's also important to hide your valuables.

"The first place a burglar goes to is your bedroom because that's where a majority of people keep their valuables are,” Posley said.

And always lock your doors when you leave.

"Your gates and your fences and your garage doors," Posley said.

During the winter, many times when a car is burglarized its because the doors were left unlocked.

"Make sure you put things in trunks,” Posley said.

Police urge you to call 911 if you notice any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood.

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