Three charged for video showing animal cruelty at Indiana farm

Courtesy: Animal Recovery Mission (Video)
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FAIR OAKS, Ind. (AP) -- Three people have been charged with animal cruelty following the release of video showing workers kicking and throwing young calves at a northwestern Indiana dairy farm that’s an agritourism destination.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department said Monday that misdemeanor charges for the beating of a vertebrate animal have been filed against three people related to the Fair Oaks Farms case.

The department didn’t identify those charged or release details of the allegations. It says the investigation is continuing and interviews with other people of interest are still being conducted.

The animal rights group Animal Recovery Mission released video last week showing calves being thrown and kicked in the head by farm employees and the carcasses of dead calves piled together.

Fair Oaks Farms has temporarily suspended deliveries, in part to protect drivers it says are facing harassment following the release of graphic undercover video showing workers abusing calves.

Troy McCloskey, the organization's fresh delivery founder, said Friday the service was being suspended for one week “to stand with the farm and for the safety of the drivers.”

The service allows customers to have vehicles deliver Fair Oaks Farms’ milk, cheese and other products to their doors.

McCloskey says the one-week suspension will also help with implementing new policies and training at the farm that’s an agritourism destination.