Three Storm Systems, One Potentially Strong, Likely to Impact the Stateline This Week

It's hardly been cold, but it's felt much more like January around the Stateline of late. What's more, storm systems have passed through with increasing regularity over the past week, though none have produced any major snowfall.

At least three storm systems are to affect our area in the week ahead. The first two are likely to be low impact events, but the third one shows some potential of being more significant.

The first storm system arrives within the next few hours. It's been responsible for producing brief bursts of heavy snow, and even thundersnow, over Iowa Monday Evening. That storm is weakening, and will likely continue to do so as it approaches our area into the very early hours of Tuesday. Still, a two or three hour period of light snow is possible, with a dusting to, at most, a half inch of accumulation. It's also possible some drizzle or even a few sprinkles may mix in, especially south.

Next up the pike is another weak system set to arrive Wednesday Morning. While precipitation amounts are similarly to be on the low side, the timing of the storm and temperatures at the time of its arrival may be a bit more problematic. Precipitation is to begin in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday. While temperatures aloft are likely to be well above freezing, at the surface, they'll be well below 32° at the precipitation's onset. That's a signature that often points to freezing rain. We'll need to keep a close eye on this, as impacts for Wednesday Morning's commute may be felt.

Lastly, a stronger storm appears poised to take aim on the area Friday and Saturday. This system, much like the one that came through this past Friday and Saturday, presents a host of forecast challenges.

What we know at this early stage, is that a rather robust area of low pressure will approach from the west Friday, and precipitation is nearly certain. It appears quite likely that any precipitation will start as snow. However, Friday Night into early Saturday, and for the remainder of the event, temperatures will be hovering very close to the critical 32° mark, meaning multiple types of precipitation may again be in play.

It's far too early to speculate the exact impacts that storm may have here. With that in mind, any snowfall accumulation maps you may see at this time can be easily disregarded. Rest assured we'll closely monitor this potential system, and will keep you updated as the week wears on.