Thousands of buyers expected to shop downtown for last minute holiday gifts

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Saturday before Christmas is known as “Super Saturday” and many stores all across the stateline are gearing up for the mass amount of last minute shoppers. Some stores are making sure everyone can get their hands on the perfect gift.

"I love to do last minute shopping,” said holiday shopper John Nelson.

Nelson isn't the only person to wait 48 hours before Christmas to do their shopping, but he doesn't mind shopping under the wire with huge crowds.

“It's a pleasure to get out and you know, see the sales and see people supporting our brick and mortar stores,” said Nelson.

Many local businesses are keeping their doors open this weekend to make sure shoppers can cross everyone off their lists.

"We choose to stay open because there's always somebody who needs a last minute gift, always. Whether it's a husband, or dad or you're looking for something for your mom. There's always something else that you want to get,” said sales associate at 510 Threads Soryia Stallings.

"This week is definitely the busiest week of the whole year, just from last minute buyers and especially today and tomorrow. We're open tomorrow for a few hours for that last, last minute buying,” said owner of Rockford Art Deli Jarrod Hennis.

Some business owners think more than 2,000 people will shop downtown this weekend.

"It's nice seeing a lot more people buying local every year and trying to focus on the local businesses instead of box stores or online,” said Hennis.

No matter where you shop, Nelson says there are a few things to keep in mind when you're out doing that last minute shopping.

"The key is to try to keep in mind what you want. Do some maybe consumer research in advance and go out and just be patient, and you'll get your gift, you'll get a price and you may even see a couple of things that you just can't do without,” said Nelson.

If anyone is still on the hunt for some last minute gifts, many stores all across the stateline will be open Christmas Eve so everyone can get a hold of those last minute presents.