The family of Megan Wells reacts to Marc Mongan accepting his plea deal

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Megan Wells' family is telling their side of the story after Marc Mongan, the man responsible for the boating accident that took their daughters life, accepts a plea deal.

David and Robin Swaziek are saying they disapprove of how the case is being handled.

Mongan pleaded guilty to charges of reckless conduct for his part of the 2016 boating accident on the Rock River in Ogle County that killed Wells. But, as part of the plea deal, other charges such as aggravated DUI and reckless homicide were thrown out.

Megan's parents say they were unaware of the plea deal and were given no chance to voice their opinions in court. They are hoping for the longest jail time for Mongan and justice for their daughter.

"We would never want anything like this to happen to anybody else. We have just been through so much the past year and 11 months. It's just, it’s hard. Some days you just, you feel lost. Minute by minute was our motto, it still is. Minute by minute, day by day.”

Mongan's pre-sentencing is set to take place on June 19. He is looking at anywhere between one to three years in prison or probation.