The city of Freeport prepares for flooding

FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) - Many Stateline families brace for flooding expected later this week. The city of Freeport and a local business take action so they are ready.

“Staying prepared is a necessity for life,” said Mike Thompson, manager, Ultrasonic Power Corporation.

Thompson is prepping his business for the rain and flooding heading his way.

“We switch the sump pumps so that they will now drain across the parking lot above ground and that keeps us high and dry here at UPC,” Thompson said.

Thompson is passionate about his sump pumps. He says his business would suffer damage without them.

"Keep the pumps going and you’ll keep the water out of your basements," Thompson said.

Flooding is nothing new to Freeport’s City Manager Lowell Crow who asked police and fire personnel to go door-to-door to prepare people along the Pecatonica River.
“Not everybody out there has computers. We post this on Facebook we post it on our website and we send it out via Twitter,” Crow said.

Sandbagging stations are set up around town at St Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Krape Park and near the yellow creek area. But Crow says homeowners can be proactive.

"Get their food ahead time, get their medical care and we will be doing checks throughout the flooding,” Crow said.

The city will open lots where people can park their cars if the streets are flooded and workers will check on those who live east of the river.

"Over the period of time that I have been here, I’ve seen the city of Freeport be pretty active and show a lot of concern for the flooding,” Thompson said.

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office will keep a close eye on water levels, manage dam gates and set up sandbagging stations if needed.