SWEPT organization keeps Rock County first responders sharp in hot conditions

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WIFR) -- An ice cold beverage is vital for a hot summer day. This is especially true for first responders in Janesville, who were working outside in 90 degree weather all Friday afternoon.

"Fire and policemen with all of their gear on and all the protective equipment that they have, it doesn't take much to get heated up,” says David Diestler.

Diestler is the executive director of the Southern Wisconsin Emergency Preparedness Team (SWEPT).

The non-profit organization’s goal is to help first responders do their job.

"We provide food, water, [and] shelter," says Diestler.

The group's truck even has an examining room for first responders who may require medical attention.

"They are doing all they can to go out and help protect our community, but there was no one helping them," says Diestler.

When duty calls for officers in Rock County, SWEPT is not far behind.

"We go out in really difficult conditions and they follow us,” says Sgt. Shena Kohler of the Rock County Sheriff’s Office. “They come out to make sure we are okay.”

"We want to keep the officers on scene as long as possible,” says Diestler. “[We want to keep them] fresh. The faster they can solve their problem, they better it is going to be for everybody.”

First responders could not be more grateful for the organization’s efforts.

"All responders are really just surprised that we have such a great team that will stand by us no matter what," says Kohler.

If you would like to volunteer with SWEPT, click here.