The Grove at Keith Creek officially welcomes residents at grand opening

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- It's a move many families say has improved their lives, their safety and their outlook on life. The Grove at Keith Creek officially welcomes residents at today's grand opening.

"It's very nice here," says Terry Lee Robinson. Robinson sits outside on his porch as he does most days.

“I'm just a nosy body," says Robinson.

Robinson says living at The Grove at Keith Creek has eased his number one concern when it comes to living in Rockford, which is safety.

"I feel safe here."

Robinson is one of 49 families living in the brand new six-acre multi-family residential community. The grand opening of The Grove at Keith Creek kicked off welcoming all the new residents.

“There were a lot of people there that were working for us and pulling for us,” says Tanya Williams. "Look at the faces of the family's here. Look at the value RHA staff delivers,” says former CEO of Rockford Housing Authority, Ron Clewer.

Williams moved in last month. She previously lived at Fairgrounds since 2006.

"It's time that I had a change and it's for the better," says Williams.

That change includes a brand new three bedroom apartment with central air, new appliances, and a washer and dryer. Another added bonus for these two families is their neighbors in blue who are only a stone’s throw away.

However, more than anything, these families are grateful for the chance to live somewhere that they can truly call their home. "I always imagined myself being in a nice place like this," says Williams.

"It's a good opportunity to start a new life and it will be a better life too," says Robinson.

As of Friday Gorman & Company says The Grove at Keith Creek will be completely full.