The Comeback Kids: Jennifer Furst

Moving back to your hometown after being away isn't always easy but Jennifer Furst is proving it's all worthwhile when you come back to make a difference in life.

“It was a really wonderful experience living in the city and I honestly didn't think I would ever come back to Rockford,” said President of Furst Staffing Jennifer Furst.

Rockford native Jennifer Furst always knew she wanted to work for her family's staffing business.

“Most kids played school but I had a spreadsheet, it was an old leger book and I'd make sure, I'd act like individuals were timely to work and my birth announcement was a placement card so I think it was meant to be that I would continue in the family business.”

When she graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan she was ready to get to work but not without a little advice from her mother.

“My mother had said that you cannot work in the family business until you work elsewhere. I worked at Rockford Products on the line, I worked in the office doing interviewing and I felt that this is where I belong and it worked because she allowed me to work for Furst Staffing.”

After working for just five months in the forest city, an unexpected opportunity allowed Jennifer to start working at Furst Staffing's Oakbrook office. So she packed up and moved to Chicago.

“I really enjoyed it. I saw myself as a Chicago girl from that point on. I loved all that it had to offer. No matter your mood you could find something to entertain you and keep you occupied.”

Jennifer spent the next 20 years living in the city and commuting to the suburbs to Furst Staffing branches.

“I had a point in my personal life where I was just kind of wondering what I should do next. And it aligned with when my mother decided she wanted to get away from the day to day operations of the business.”

After two decades in the hustle and bustle of city life Jennifer found herself reluctantly returning to Rockford.

“It wasn't really what I wanted to do but it was the right move for the business and my mother.”

She's been home for four years and hasn't looked back.

“No regrets. I actually embrace it. I love it. I can, much like I said about Chicago, whatever I want to do I can find that here in Rockford.”

And she helps people succeed in finding employment here in the stateline maintaining a decades-long family tradition.

“That’s the goal every day is to change someone's life. It’s about creating jobs in Rockford, it's about employing people here and supporting them and encouraging them in their growth.”