Oregon teachers become students as part of leadership workshop

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 5:34 PM CDT
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Taking advantage of a teacher institute day, while the students were off, teachers stepped into their shoes as part of a new leadership training program taking place throughout The Oregon School District. The main goal of this program is to improve the district's climate and culture in the buildings, helping staff, students and families succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Nate Rogers is a technology teacher at David L. Rahn Junior High School in Mount Morris and along with his colleagues, they indeed became students for one day to gain a new perspective on the school itself, and how students see the school in their eyes.

Rogers says, "Build them up and get them to believe in they feel about themselves, where they're at in their lives, and how we can best serve them."

The training program. Franklin Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", will guide teachers through the leadership training, which included school staff to walk around the school, to try and eye some improvements can be made all to benefit the students. Rogers says, "The thing is our school doesn't really communicate to the kids that this is an exciting place, a place where they should feel at home."

After teachers roamed the hallways, they put their ideas for improvement on the leadership environment board. Andrew Gilbert from DLR Junior High says some good ideas were spread. He says, "I think it's a good idea to make the walls more pretty, it's going to be more welcoming for kids, and they're actually going to want to try and I think this will be something that will help them become leaders better."

The end goal of this program, to further improve the climate and culture throughout the district and give students a better experience.

Rogers says, "I hope the kids take some leadership in it, that's a big part of the goal. I think kids do want that, they want that ownership, They want to have a say in what happens in their day and in their life. Hopefully this gives them that opportunity."

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