TSA Pre-Check helps increase airport safety

Published: Jun. 29, 2017 at 4:48 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) --The Chicago Rockford International Airport is now joining the 180 airports that allow passengers to skip long security lines. They say getting through security quicker is increasing the safety of our skies.

The Chicago Rockford International Airport is now allowing passengers to get through security quicker and safer, using TSA’s Pre-Check Program.

"The experience in Rockford, it's always a quick experience. It's a smaller airport, you don't have to deal with that congestion at some of the larger ones and now with the Pre-Check program, it's an even quicker experience. It's a seamless experience to get through the checkpoint,” said public affairs manager for TSA Michael McCarthy.

TSA Pre-Check allows travelers to be pre-approved before they go through security. They can keep their shoes on and their electronics in their bags making the security process much shorter.

"You really get to speed right through. So, it's really a bonus for those passengers, it's a boost to that customer service experience. And from TSA's end it's an enhancement of security,” said McCarthy.

To be approved for Pre-Check, passengers go through a background check screening to ensure they are eligible.

“You get your fingerprints done. It takes about seven minutes and then sometime in the next sixty days you'll be receiving your known traveler number. That way you can go through that TSA pre check line,” said fingerprint technician Janine Strong.

Strong works at the enrollment center for TSA in downtown Rockford. She says she screens up to twenty people each day for TSA Pre-Check.

"It's going to be better for security. It's going to be better for our officers. It's going to be better for the passengers, and hopefully it will bring more passengers in to fly out of our airport,” said transportation security manager for the Chicago-Rockford International Airport, Jerry Huber.

TSA says the background checks that travelers get for the Pre- Check program allows for greater safety within the airport.