Milken Institute Review: Rockford jumps 40 spots

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ROCKFORD REGION Ill. (WIFR) - - "It's exciting that outsiders are recognizing the tremendous boom our economy is seeing,” said Mayor Tom McNamara.

The Rockford Region has one of the best-performing economies according to the Milken Institute. It is an annual report that ranks cities based on economic growth. The region ranked 144th out of 200 cities. That is a 40 bump in just two years.

"We are really one of five or six cities that made jumps like that,” said Nathan Bryant from the Rockford Area Economic Development Council.

City leaders say they aren't surprised by the growth as our community is growing in many ways.

"The airport, our healthcare and Collins Aerospace. Also downtown you are seeing a resurgence. Your seeing the embassy suits open up on April 1st, and Hotel Kate. So, there are just a lot of really wonderful things happening,” said McNamara.

Bryant reminds us that the improvements we have made can also be contributed to the fact that we are an extension of the greater Chicago market. Our labor pool can swell because many commute to and from Rockford.

"It's not just simply one agency or one city, or one company. Together, collectively, we have created that ecosystem for growth,” said Bryant.