SwedishAmerican welcomes first local baby of new year

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- There are a lot of fun, exciting way to start a new year, but one Marengo family may have all of those beat.

"It's just a miracle that she's here, and I feel very very lucky," says Holly Pietrzak-Slazakowski.

Pietrzak-Slazakowski had a lot of reasons to celebrate Monday morning and not just because of the new year.

"It's just kindof... a sign of what's to come and what I have to look forward to for the year," says Pietrzak-Slazakowski.

Holly and her husband Josh are celebrating the birth of their first baby, Felicity. She is also SwedishAmerican's first baby of 2018.

At eight pounds and two ounces, Felicity's a healthy bundle of joy.

"It's incredibly exciting, and I just feel, when looking at her that my life is changing for the better. It's kindof an exciting next step in your life," says Pietrzak-Slazakowski.

Felicity was scheduled to be delivered through a C-section on Wednesday, but she had other plans.

"I woke up sore. I was thinking maybe it'll go away. It never did, and then a pattern kindof emerged. So I woke him up and said, 'C'mon, it's time to go," says Pietrzak-Slazakowski.

The Slazakowsi's arrived at the hospital monday at 6 a-m. Baby Felicity arrived at 8:38 a-m. Hospital staff were sure to welcome her with gifts.

The Slazakowskis say there's no better way to ring in the new year.

"It kinda makes you feel excited for the year, you know," says Pietrzak-Slazakowski.

"Feels amazing. I just love her so much," says Josh Slazakowski.

The Slazakowski's say they are excited to spend the next few days with family.