SwedishAmerican invests $36 million in two new clinics

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- SwedishAmerican is now expanding their healthcare services by adding two new clinics. This expansion will not only benefit the health of stateliners, but also bring many jobs to the Rockford area.

SwedishAmerican Health Systems is investing nearly $36 million into two new properties to expand their services. SwedishAmerican says the new clinics will provide accessible healthcare for people all across the stateline.

One on North Main Street and the other on Bell School Road next to the Regional Cancer Center.

"This allows us the opportunity to continue offering more expanded services to the community that we care about and we're eager to launch into this next step in our journey,” said SwedishAmerican Dr. Tim Flynn.
Both clinics will offer primary care as well as specialty services. The hospital says there's a constant need for modernization.

"The healthcare needs of our community continue to expand. Even though the population itself doesn't expand, as patients are living longer and there's the burden of chronic disease, it requires expanded healthcare services,” said president and CEO of SwedishAmerican Health Systems Dr. Michael Born.

Mayor Tom McNamara says the new clinics will greatly benefit the Rockford area as it will allow many patients to have access to quality healthcare. He says it will also add hundreds of jobs.

"This is an investment in the people of the city of Rockford and to the health and wellness of our citizens, so I can't thank Swedish American enough for that investment,” said Mayor Tom McNamara.

"We should be excited because Rockford is getting new and more things for the community most of all its something for our health,” said pastor at Progressive Baptist Church.

The two clinics combined are expected to add about 500 construction jobs as well as dozens of new permanent healthcare jobs. Construction for the $36 million investments is scheduled to begin this winter. Both clinics are expected to be completed by early 2019.