SwedishAmerican doctors see rise in 'slip-and-fall' patients amid icy weather

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- With icy conditions facing the Stateline in recent weeks, hospitals have seen a spike in patients needing treatment for slip-and-fall injuries.

SwedishAmerican saw 51 slip-and-fall patients on Monday, 25 on Saturday and an additional 25 on Friday.

Experts warn that slip-and-fall injuries could lead to concussions, fractures and surgery in extreme cases. Doctors say taking time to walk outside could make a huge difference, especially during icy weather and freezing temperatures.

"The easy fix would be for all of us to keep our sidewalks cleared our driveways cleared, put salt to prevent the ice and so forth," said Dr. James Cole, Trauma Medical Director for SwedishAmerican. "The bottom line is we cant prevent Mother Nature from laying down this blanket of ice and snow so its all about precaution."

Cole says if you suffer an injury from slipping-and-falling, you can immediately treat it with ice. If you're unable to walk, you are encouraged to get help and visit an emergency room.