SwedishAmerican Riverwest Clinic holds open house

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The new SwedishAmerican Riverwest Clinic held an open house today to introduce nearby residents to what the facility has to offer.

This is SwedishAmerican's first clinic of its kind in that area of Rockford. Hospital representatives say this will help fill a void on Rockford's southwest side.

The staff is also almost entirely bilingual to help fill the needs of demographics in that area of the city. This clinic is located conveniently on three different bus routes to make services available to just about anyone.

"I did not expect a huge turnout in general, to be quite honest. I was like,'Who wants to see a clinic?' But there are so many people here. It's amazing. So, it just goes to show you how excited the community is that we're here, and we're really lucky to be down here," said SwedishAmerican Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician Corrine Maund.

The clinic will offer primary care and women's healthcare.