Student accused of sexual assault during Beloit school band trip

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BELOIT, Wis. (WMTV) -- A male student at a high school in Beloit is accused of sexually assaulting girls on a band trip to Florida earlier in April.

NBC15 obtained an incident report with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

According to the report, a male student allegedly touched a student inappropriately on the bus. They told the boy to stop it, and he did.

Another one of the victims told deputies the same boy inappropriately touched them. The alleged incident happened somewhere on the road between the state of Tennessee and Georgia while on the bus on April 4.

And a third victim told authorities the boy touched them in the lazy river and wave poll at a water park on the trip. Later, the same boy attempted to touch them inappropriately at the hotel. They ran away and went to their room.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a hotel for a service call on April 7. When deputies arrived, they met with a chaperone of a school field trip. The chaperone told deputies the allegations made by the victims had been reported to the victims’ parents, school staff and the district superintendent. The chaperone informed the deputies the parents didn’t wish to pursue criminal charges.

NBC15 spoke with one of the victims' mother. She said she was never notified by sheriff's deputies or a chaperone.

"My daughter found out from another student that a penalty had been handed out for the person who was accused of assaulting them and that he only received a three day suspension. Parents were never notified. Victims were never notified," she said.

The mother said she called the Orange Co. Sheriff's Office on Wednesday to press criminal charges. She said she is calling for more transparency with both the school district and law enforcement.

"She was absolutely devastated. She was really nervous that she still had to go to school with this child and the other victim had to sit in actual band class with him," the mother said.

Brian Vissers, a spokesperson with the School District of Beloit, said the alleged incident does involve Beloit Memorial High School students. Vissers said they are looking into it.

School District of Beloit released a statement on Thursday afternoon.

"The District’s ability to disclose confidential information about a particular student is governed by state and federal law. Under the applicable laws, the District is required to maintain the confidentiality of pupil records and information including but not limited to information about student discipline."

A spokesperson with Beloit Police Department said Thursday was the first time they were contacted by Orange County Sheriff's Office regarding the incident. They have offered their assistance.

The president of the Beloit School Board, Pam Charles, said this was considered an administrative issue and not brought before the board. She said the board only gets involved it the disciplinary actions include an expulsion, and they have no comment on this current investigation.

NBC15 is not reporting the names of the students or the mother for the sake of keeping the victims' identities confidential.