String of car break-ins hits Roscoe subdivision

Photo Source: Pete / MGN

ROSCOE, Ill. (WIFR) ----- A recent string of car burglaries put homeowners in one Roscoe subdivision on alert.

"This is the season that these things start to happen and to be more... pay more attention to your areas," said Sean Hughes, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.

Just off Illinois 251, the Chicory Ridge subdivision is concerned after a recent spike in car break-ins.

"I saw it on the Roscoe Police Department Facebook page and I told my husband, 'I'm scared to go check, you need to go check.' So, he came out and checked and we were good, but I've got two kids and it worries me," said resident Julie Newlun.

Police say you can't prevent all break-ins but you can make your vehicle less attractive to thieves. If you make them work to find something of value, they usually move on.

"Generally, the car burglars, what they are doing is they're going around checking for unlocked cars. So, the first thing would be to, obviously, keep valuables out of your car and then secondly, to lock your car," said Hughes.

Newlun said she sees Roscoe Police patrolling the neighborhood and that makes her feel better.

"I've seen the cops driving up and down the streets and just checking things out. I mean, especially like when the kids are out of school and out of session, there's more of a presence and I feel safer because they're around," said Newlun.

One person is in custody in connection to the burglaries and Roscoe Police ask that anyone affected come forward.