Stillman Valley storm leaves several barns destroyed

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Everyone is okay after a storm hits a portion of northern Illinois, leaving heavy damage in Stillman Valley.

Ogle County Sheriff's Department tells us they aren't sure whether it was a low grade tornado or a microburst, but they will keeping a close eye on several roadways for the rest of the night.

Several barns were nearly flattened on the Southewst side of Stillman Valley Road, and several power lines knocked into roadways.

Ogle County Sheriff's Department is blocking off a section of Stillman Valley Road until further notice. Also a portion of Illinois Route 72 is blocked off because of downed power lines and trees.

With a second wave of storms following the one earlier this evening, officials were monitoring downed lines closely.

"At this point we're just asking all the residents to stay away from the power lines, even if they know they no longer continue to carry voltage. We're just concerned at this point, with the next storm coming in, that an energized line could electrocute somebody," says Ogle County Sheriff, Brian Vanvickle.

Vanvickle says they will likely be blocking Stillman Salley Road off all of tonight until the situation can be cleared.

Vanvickle tells us the National Weather Service will be sending crew to the area tomorrow to assess whether or not it was a tornado.