Stillman Valley home damaged by flooding

STILLMAN VALLEY, Ill. (WIFR) -- A family in Stillman Valley is dealing with extensive damage to their home after flooding this weekend.

Hugo Quinones and his wife moved into their Stillman Valley home last October.

"It’s a beautiful area, I love it. Love the neighbors," says Huge Quinones.

The family says they were not told when they bought the home that it would have any flooding problems.

"We asked the realtor. I asked the owner himself. I walked up to him and asked him, 'is it a flood area? They said ‘No,’ and then the realtor told us, 'no,' so we didn't think we needed flood insurance."

This decision is one they've quickly come to regret.

The flood waters have left large parts of their home damaged, especially in their basement.

"We've just got tons of stuff we need to get rid of," says Hugo.

The Quinones say the damage is also stopping them from doing things they would normally do every day.

"Every time we gotta take a bath, use the water, we gotta reset the fuses 'cause it keeps goin' out," reflects Hugo.

The family says repairs to their home will be paid for out of pocket, but they believe this all could have been avoided if people would have been honest with them.

"So now we have no hope. Where do we go? How do we get help to repair whatever needs to be repaired?" says Hugo's wife, Lucybeth.

The family says they have been in contact with the county and the county has been by to try to find ways to help the water drain away from the yard. So far they say it has not made much of a difference.