Safety tips to remember when riding your bike this Spring

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - After a long and cold winter, many people want to spend as much time outside as they can and are going for bike rides. But experts what to remind cyclist of some tips to stay safe.

"It’s more fun than driving," said cyclist Nathan Abel.

Abel enjoys riding his bike to work each day, the trip takes over an hour.

"I live in Capron and I get to use the bike path along Perry trail. It goes from Capron all the way to Caledonia and then from there I kind of have to use some back roads," Abel said.

To stay safe while driving on those back roads Abel uses special equipment so drivers can see him.

"The lights are huge and also if I am going to wear something really reflective I like to put it on my feet because my feet are moving. I think it really helps people see you,” Abel said.

Owner of Rockford bicycle company Skip Stienecker says lights can be the difference between life and death and you should always wear bright clothing.

"You can't be too visible. The more visible you are the better off that you're going to be so whatever you can do to make it yourself stand out and be visible in the traffic is the best way to go," Stienecker said.

Some of Stienecker’s other tips include always wearing a helmet, obeying the rules of the road and planning out your trips ahead of time.

"I choose my routes where I think there is going to be less traffic. I try to use the bike paths as much as possible and basically I choose the road less traveled for sure," Stienecker said.

Illinois state law says drivers must give all cyclists at least three feet of space or they could face fines worth hundreds of dollars.