Stateliners prepare for snow and ice removal

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Snow removal items are in demand as the snow comes down in the stateline.

Edgebrook Ace Hardware co-owner John Zanocco says he hasn't sold many snow blowers but items like scrapers and deicers are flying off the shelves.

One item Zanocco says he keeps re-stocking is ice melt, and he says there is a proper way to spread it.

"The biggest thing with ice melt, people get a little overzealous with it. They put too much down. Try to use something like a scoop that you can spread it with and you just need a nice small layer of it. When you get piles is when you kill vegetation and you damage the cement," says Zanocco.

Zanocco doesn't recommend spreading ice melt with your bare hands because touching it for too long could damage your skin and cause cuts.