Stateline stores struggle to stock cleaning supplies

Published: Mar. 11, 2020 at 5:52 PM CDT
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Stateline residents are gearing up for the possibility of the coronavirus making its way to town by stocking up on supplies to kill off the coronavirus.

"I can't blame people for the panic. I'm not going to go way overboard but I am going to use more caution," said Connie Spray, Sullivan’s Foods cashier.

Spray is taking her own precautions while ringing up groceries.

"A lot of times when I'm taking cash because cash can be one of the dirtiest things there is and can carry a log of germs. I use the hand sanitizer afterward," Spray said.

Sullivan's is sold out of hand sanitizer but lucky for Spray she stocked up ahead of time.

"I have my own so I can still continue to work," Spray said.

Not only is Sullivan’s running out of products like disinfectant wipes. But companies that supply these products are also having a hard time meeting the demand.

"We aren't getting a timeline on when they will be back in. We got a truck Thursday but, we don't know if they are going to be here. Our suppliers can't even tell us when they will be in," said Ryan Kessler, Sullivan’s Foods manager.

Kessler says canned foods and toilet paper are also being sold at a record pace.

"Our major concern is to provide for the community and that's what we are here for and what we want to be here for," Kessler said.

To assure customers have a good experience employees are cleaning the store more frequently and there are sanitizing wipes available for customers.

"Stats are located In front of the store, by the dairy, bakery, produce area for customers to use and Purell, we are trying to supply that. But it's running low for us too," Kessler said.

The CDC is recommending higher risk people have cleaning supplies, food and over the counter medicine items that help with fevers and coughs available, just in case you contract the virus.