Stateline rivers continue to rise

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MACHESNEY PARK, Ill (WIFR) -- Warmer temperatures, heavy rains and rapid snow melt push area rivers over their banks. Stateline village's are no stranger to this, along with residents who live along the Rock River.

Living in Machesney Park for several years, flooding became part of Leslie Wilkes life. What's even luckier is that he hasn't had any flooding problems in his house. Unfortunately, he has not been able to enjoy his entire property.

He says, "This is our fifth flood since we have been here I believe. I haven't had a backyard for quite awhile since these last 3-4 flooding's and the snow too covered it. So it was mud there for awhile and it takes while for the grass to come back while it all goes away."

The Rock River at Machesney Park is currently in its moderate flood stage, sitting at just over eleven and a half feet. Some of the places impacted include sections of Shore Drive along with Stones Boat Landing. Machesney Park officials have been monitoring the river for days.

Tim Savage, Village Administrator for Machesney Park, says they have been ready to take on the flooding for many days now. He says, "We began monitoring river conditions shortly after the rain event on Tuesday and sandbag operations are now in place. We also have posted road closed signs along the Rock River."

Even though the river is forecast to go into its major flood stage, the preparations are the same no matter how high the river gets. Savage says, "The flooding that occurred last October went to 13.2 feet. Predictions are bringing it to slightly over that. Our response is the same, sand bag operations, closed roads, and be prepared for any emergency responses needed on an individual basis."

Take the words of Wilkes when it comes to flooding and you will be prepared. He says, "Be cognizant, watch the reports and everything so you don't get caught with your pants down basically."