Stateline residents are stepping up to foster pets during COVID-19 crisis

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - As the coronavirus continues to spread more people are stuck at home feeling lonely, which has caused an increased number of people to foster pets.

"It's been three days and she's already won us all over," said Rebecca Olson, dog foster parent.

The coronavirus shutdown led Olson to foster Devi.

"She's been fantastic. She is super sweet, loving and we did introductions really slowly and it all worked out pretty great," Olson said.

Olson says her family talked about fostering for a while, but never found the right time.

"The kids are home from school and for that reason, it was also a good time to bring home a pet. For instance, if we were to foster a dog and it wasn't the shutdown and both parents are working and the kids are at school it would have been a harder situation, " Olson said.

"The response was overwhelming and we are still working through contacting the applicants," said Stephanie Hicks, C.A.R.E for P.E.T.S executive director.

Hicks helped the Olson family find the perfect foster dog and was surprised by how many others responded to a Facebook post searching for foster families.

"We got in over 40 applications in like 24 hours," Hicks said.

"I am just absolutely amazed at Rockford," said Stephanie Lauer, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary executive director.

Noah's Ark experienced similar success fostering all its dogs and many cats.

"We say we need it and there they are. We explained on Facebook that we basically were going to foster everything out and literally within hours people were at our doors saying we will foster, we will help," Lauer said.

Noah’s Ark ,C.A.R.E for P.E.T.S​ and PAWS Humane Society​ are all looking for foster families. If you're interested you can reach out to one of the organizations.