Stateline natives living in North Carolina prepare for Hurricane Florence

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Nearly two million people in North and South Carolina as well as Virginia are under warnings to evacuate now. Two people originally from the stateline are now in the path of the storm. They say they are prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best.

"To listen to people's stories about how they're so afraid to come home to absolutely nothing, it's heartbreaking,” said Mya Sutkay.

Mya Sutkay grew up in Loves Park. She moved to Jacksonville North Carolina in June where her fiancé is stationed at a military camp. Tuesday night they were forced to evacuate their home in preparation for hurricane Florence.

"We left all of our furniture, our bed, our TVs, we just took our necessities, we took important paperwork, enough clothes to at least to get us through until we get back, other than that we just had no choice but to leave everything behind,” said Sutkay.

Sutkay and her fiancé drove six hours away to a friend’s home in Pennsylvania. On their way, gas stations closed down and shelves were empty at grocery stores.

“Being from Rockford, I'm actually kind of excited because growing up we never saw hurricanes. So I may be crazy but I'm kind of excited to see what it's going to look like,” said Hannah Hogan.

East High School grad Hannah Hogan has lived in the Carolinas for nearly ten years. She's been stocking up on food and water as she plans to ride out the storm.

"I'm kind of scared because the storm search is supposed to be 9-13 feet of water. I feel like I'm far enough away from the River to not be affected but you never know and I'm just going to take my chances,” said Hogan.

Sutkay and Hogan hope everyone on the east coast stays safe as hurricane Florence inches closer to land.

“I'm seeing fewer and fewer people so I'm hoping I'm making the right decision in staying,” said Hogan.