Beloit's economic developments encourage growth around Stateline

Published: Dec. 19, 2018 at 10:47 PM CST
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A new hotel opened its doors in Beloit to continue the city's push in tourism and that desire to grow across the Stateline is stronger than ever.

"Before they choose to grow any type of business or family here, they're going to come here for a visit, they're going to come here to check out the community and understand what it's all about," said Visit Beloit Executive Director Celestino Ruffini.

With the recent announcements of hotel and casino developments in Beloit, both sides of the Stateline feel the push to grow with the times.

"I think it adds an urgency to the situation. Beloit is planning a very large complex and it will certainly draw people who like to gamble and tourists to southern Wisconsin and we need to act with more urgency to make sure we have this entertainment option here in the Rockford area," Sen. Steve Stadelman (D-34th) said.

In the last three decades, Beloit has been trying to answer that call, by reaching out to get an understanding of the needs and wants of its nearly 40,000 residents.

"Efforts that began in the 80s and 90s and the planning that was put in place, especially in city center, that is doing well and that's now driving a new development in other areas in the community, all driven by having a strong healthy core to our city," said Ruffini.

This wave of infrastructure, while happening at a rapid pace is all with a single goal in mind.

"We all have one shared purpose, and that's to solely improve the quality of life attributes that we enjoy here in Beloit as well as making Beloit for all of us to enjoy," said Ruffini.