Experts offer tips to protect homes during Stateline floods

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- As floods begin to crest around the Stateline, experts want to ensure that all communities are well equipped in the case of an emergency.

Leaders at Blain's Farm and Fleet say a few extra steps can help families protect their home amid flooding.

The company offered these tips to keep homes safe:

1. Shovel snow away from your foundation

2. Remove snow and ice away from downspouts and gutters

3. Rearrange your storage (ex: basement, garage) and move things to a higher level

4. Check your appliances, clear out space around your water heater and furnace, raise your washer and dryer off the floor

5. Take care of those postponed home to-dos like caulking and weather stripping windows and doors.

6. In case of a power loss, make sure you've got flashlights and fresh batteries, a USB phone charging battery, and perhaps a portable generator.

7. If you know your home or business is prone to flooding, plan to have one or more working pumps handy.

8. When the water subsides, items to help you dry out include mops and buckets, drying fans and DampRid.

9. For the car, it's always a good idea to have safety equipment, such as an emergency kit, and a windshield emergency hammer may save your life if you accidentally drive into deep water.

10. Personal items to help you through the flood season naturally include men's and women's rain boots.

11. Just in case the flooding is really bad, a kayak may serve as a rescue boat.