Stateline animal shelters reduce prices to help residents

Published: Apr. 20, 2020 at 4:22 PM CDT
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During this pandemic, local pet owners could also be struggling financially, and area animals shelters are looking to help.

"We really have to work together on this and not charge them because sometimes it's the only money that those people have," said Stephanie Lauer, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary Executive Director.

Noah’s Ark posted on its Facebook page last week about a woman who had to pay money she didn't have to rescue her dog from a shelter.

"In this time with the crisis, we are currently in we can't do that," Lauer said.

Noah's Ark is waiving all fees, offering free microchipping and food.

"If you can't afford to feed your animal or you're struggling please come to us," Lauer said.

"Waiving fees, reducing fees and working with residents is something we do regularly," said Brett Frazier, Winnebago County Animal Services administrator.

Fraizer says the county facility isn't waiving all fees but will work with families to find the right price.

"We want to help the people who need help to the level they need help. But the fees that come into our shelter those dollars are what helps our organization run," Frazier said.

Animal services also works closely with C.A.R.E for P.E.T.S. a nonprofit organization that offers financial support to pet owners.

"We've been assisting to pay reclaim fees for dogs or cats impounded to help them get back home. If they are having trouble keeping their pet contained we have been sending tether cable lines to make sure animals are secure," said Stephanie Hicks, C.A.R.E for P.E.T.S. executive director.

Last year C.A.R.E for P.E.T.S paid more than $10,000 toward reuniting impounded pets with their owners.