Spring weather impacts sweet corn in the stateline

ROCHELLE, Il (WIFR) --- In late July 2018, Brian Lamb was checking to see how sweet the kernels were, now in 2019 only half of his corn is starting to tassel.

"Normally when I would try to get sweet corn planted in the middle of April...we weren't able to get the first planting down until the middle of May," says Lamb with Papa's Sweet Corn & more.

Because the ground only got wetter, Lamb was forced to replant in June, which created another problem.

"The challenge with getting corn around Labor day seems like that's peak season for bugs," says Lamb.

Across the stateline, Rainwater Farms is benefiting from taking a chance.

"We were able to plant most of our corn on higher ground and we got lucky with a few times whee it was dry," says Jeff Rainwater.

Rainwater Farms is still two week behind. However, these farmers remain optimistic.

"Every year is different, we always just try to make the best of what we can," says Rainwater.