Special prosecutor is granted in Marc Mongan case

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OREGON, Ill. (WIFR)-- Judge John G. Redington says he is allowing for a special prosecutor to step into the case against Marc Mongan. This is the second time a special prosecution has been requested. The first time it was denied because the attorney for the family of the woman killed,Megan Wells, could not provide enough evidence of the Ogle County States Attorney Eric Morrow had a direct conflict of interest with the case. This time the judge approved the request for special prosecution because Morrow requested it.

"The reason for doing that are known to the State's Attorney and some of the new information that has been disclosed to the case," explained Cynthia Koroll, Council to Megan Wells family. "We are pleased with that decision it speaks to a high level of integrity from the State's Attorney's office. The goal here is justice for Megan."

Morrow also requested that with the new evidence the case go back in front of a grand jury. These actions, Wells family calls a good step.

"A great step today and we're very pleased with what happened today," said David Swaziek, Megan's father. "We've been fighting very hard and very long, and I think now we're stepping towards the right direction in getting justice for Megan, and I think Megan is smiling right now."

Mongan's attorneys say they oppose the request because it drags the case on and they were set to go to trial. Mongan was suppose to go to trial for next week for misdemeanors. The new trial date is now unknown.

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