Social Commission Talks Continue

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) --- The plan for a new community relations committee charges on in Rockford.

After heated debate during the last Rockford city council meeting on November 26, the discussion to amend the city's current code of ordinances on human rights continues.

With aldermen on both sides of the aisle still reviewing the chapter's wording, the approval of this new committee is a delicate process. Since its last amendment over 30 years ago, the need to ensure all parties are in agreement is crucial. The objective of the new group would be to have city officials work hand-in-hand with community members to ensure inclusivity on a citywide level.

"This committee would be tasked with a number of items, most importantly, is engaging our citizenry, making sure that voices from the far east side to the far west side, and all races and genders, all their voices are heard," said Rockford mayor Tom McNamara.

"There isn't Democrat or Republican potholes, there aren't Democrat or Republican streets, we're all in this together, we're a city and so, we've got to represent all of our citizens equally and I think that commission does that," said 9th Ward Ald. Bill Rose.

Alderman Rose says that regardless of the ordinance's success in council, he intends to make sure the issue does not go away.
With tonight's decision to lay over the ordinance, the proposal now moves to a full council vote at its next meeting on December 17th.