Snow to transition to sleet and freezing rain mix, Winter Weather Advisory continues

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Be sure to shovel soon to avoid dealing with the ice! While we won't have a lot of ice to deal with here, areas south of Rockford could see upwards of 1/10" of ice. Before that occurs, the snow in our region will continue until just before midnight.

By 7:45 p.m. Friday, many spots around Rockford have seen between 1.5 and 2.5 inches of snow. We will have a few hours to go before midnight, and we'll just add to those totals. By the time the snow is done, we'll have between 3 and 5 inches under our belts. The heavier amounts will be west and north of Rockford.

Then that transition to sleet and freezing rain will begin around midnight and continue through the overnight hours. Crews have been out salting the roads as a pre-treatment for the precipitation mix we are going to see. When the transition begins in the Stateline, this is when our temperatures will be rising too.

We'll be getting into the 30's overnight and by tomorrow morning, we'll be in the lower-to-mid 30's. It's during this time where our high temperature for the day will occur. We'll see a bit of rain, followed by some more light snow in the late morning.

Around lunch time, that's when we'll see our temperatures begin to plummet. This will also come with a strong wind shift. For Saturday afternoon, strong westerly winds will gust as high as 40-45 mph. Unfortunately, this means we'll see some blowing snow as well in the afternoon and evening Saturday with the dropping temperatures.

The precipitation from this system will be done Saturday afternoon and it's at that time we'll dry out and rapidly drop our temperatures to brutally cold levels compared to normal.

From now through Saturday, be extra careful if you will be out on the roads as the rain/snow mix tonight and the blowing snow tomorrow will continue to create some hazardous driving conditions in spots.