Snoop Dogg draws crowd at Rivets Stadium

LOVES PARK, Ill (WIFR) -- Snoop Dogg performed at Rivets Stadium Thursday night for an 815 day celebration.

Snoop Dogg Rivets Stadium

While concert-goers were excited to see the rap icon, others took to social media to express security concerns.

"I've been talking to different promoters and I got a call in June and they said how would you guys like Snoop Dogg," says General Manager Chad Bauer. "I'mm like 815 day absolutely having a big performer like Snoop Dogg out here on 815 day is pretty cool."

Bauer says for all concerts they have a large staff of security guards. Fans went through metal detectors and pat downs before entering the venue.

The safety concerns came due to the fact Snoop Dogg has made controversial political comments and shared controversial images in the past. Bauer says that's not what tonight is about.

"People want to politicize this, this isn't political this is entertainment," he explains. "And you know if Donald Trump wanted to have a rally here we'd do that, if Joe Biden wanted to have a rally here we'd do that. I mean it's an entertainment venue and we need to use it as such."

Fans were just excited to be there, representing the 815.